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When it comes to commercial quality equipment designed to work long and hard hours - day after day - then the range of high grade japanese built Shindaiwa Chainsaws are for you! They offer the professional features that deliver superior performance in the toughest conditions !!

Some manufacturers would have you believe that the only way to a powerful engine is large displacement. But at Shindaiwa, we know that compression, port size and shape, carburetion, and a host of other factors come into play as well. That's why our machines deliver more horsepower per unit of displacement than our competitors'. To get equivalent power from them, you have to buy a unit with a bigger, heavier engine that consumes more fuel, generates more emissions, and is, often, more costly.

We dare you to compare Shindaiwa's impressive standard features and reliability against models of equivalent horsepower. We know you'll appreciate how much lighter, easier, and more efficient is a Shindaiwa.

If you are looking for a something not listed please feel free to give us a call !!

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